Chocolate Easter Lamb

Nicolette van Niekerk
It’s Easter and last year I posted this tutorial on our Facebook page on how to make your own easter-chocolate-lamb over this easter time. I am not sure as to who the original owner of this cute idea was, but I am sure it’s been made a few times before and you will be able to find this little lamb everywhere on the net. I think it is such a clever idea on what to do with some leftover easter eggs ( not sure if there is any lying around but in any case..).Even a better idea when the egg is not hollow but filled with caramel. The original tutorial wasn’t done exactly like mine as I’ve changed some tools or methods here and there. The pictures I took are easy to follow so hope you enjoy making your own little lamb 😉 Happy Easter! Easter Chocolate Egg Chocolate Easter Lamb What you will need: 1 x Medium hollow chocolate Easter egg 1 x Silver small plate / board 50g White Fondant 50g Black Coloured Fondant Knife / Palette knife Royal Icing (see recipe below) Electrical Hand-held beater Pink Luster dust and soft bristle brush Piping bag Piping nozzle (Small round open tip size 2) Small sugar flowers as decoration (optional)   Royal Icing Recipe 1 Egg white 250ml Powdered icing sugar (Sifted) 1. Separate the egg white from the egg yolk. 2. With an electrical beater, whip the egg white to a soft peak or white foamy consistency. 3. While beating the egg white, mix in a heaped tablespoon of powdered sugar, one spoon at a time until a soft to stiff peak consistency is reached.   TUTORIAL: 1. Roll the black fondant into a sausage shape and cut it into four equal sized pieces.Place them onto the plate with the two edges facing each other as legs for the easter egg to rest on. DSC_4021    DSC_4022 2. Take a smaller piece from the black fondant and shape the tail. Position the tail at the back of the easter egg, now laying ontop of the four legs. DSC_4023   3. Roll a piece of white fondant into an oval shape ball.Press with your finger on the middle of the ball.Then, start flattening it towards the one side and at the same time, shape the ball so that it has a narrower end (almost triangular shaped). The narrow end will be the top of the head. Position the head onto the easter egg.



5. With a knife, cut a “V” shape for the nose, and a vertical line downwards for where the mouth will be. DSC_4031 6. You may use any round object to create the mouth on the lamb. I found it easy to use my piping nozzle and just barely indent a half a circle. DSC_4032 7. Use the wrong side of the nozzle to indent two eyes.Roll very small little balls from the black fondant and press them into the two holes that was made. DSC_4034DSC_4035 8. Dust with rose /pink lustre dust onto the cheeks of the head This will create a natural looking “blush” DSC_4036   9. Prepare the Royal icing as per the recipe given, and fill the piping bag securing the nozzle in the front.( A small plastic bag could be used if you do not own a piping nozzle, just snip open the tip.. DSC_4037 10. Start the piping work by creating small curls.You can pipe spirals onto the forehead to create this look. DSC_4039DSC_4042 DSC_4043 11. Create spirals on the “body” by starting from the back of the head and just continue making different size scrolls. 12. Place small sugar flowers on the silver plate and around the “legs” of the lamb. DSC_4048