Good news about our pricing structure!

Nicolette van Niekerk
An annual price increase is effective on the 1st of July, every year. During 2014, I made the decision not increase prices to much and this year, decided to not increase them at all!  In fact, we have decided to REDUCE our prices as much as R300 on certain classes. Meaning that for the first time in 3 years our classes are at their most affordable. This is to provide more of our students with the opportunity to learn the basics of baking and decorating. Equipping them with stronger industrial knowledge to start their small businesses and working in the field.  Changes are being made to our Certificate in Masters Cake Decorating. Introducing MCD11: Joseph Lambeth methods of Piping, MCD12: Painting on cakes and MCD13: Sugar wire flowers, into the course. However, this fabulous news will not be affecting any pricing. See the link to the Certificate in Master Cake Decorating course info here