Hot Chocolate with Cinnamon and Orange Liqueur

Nicolette van Niekerk
We’ve had some pretty wet and cold weather the last couple of days here in Cape Town.You have to understand, our winter months (which falls in June-August) is the rainy season, so to have it come pouring down, is really pretty odd. So I’ve done this shoot a while back.Always waiting for just the right time to post this delicious treat…Rain and cold is such a good excuse.Have a cup with me. cover Hot chocolate with cinnamon and orange liqueur Serves 4 small cups or 2 larger mugs of Hot Cocoa. *Tip:If you do not want the alcohol but still love the taste, use a flavoured orange chocolate instead. Ingredients 100 ml water 50 g dark chocolate (70%) chopped finely 1 cinnamon stick 250 ml milk (1 cup) 1-2 tbsp Cointreau (orange liqueur) 200ml fresh cream, whipped Cocoa powder / Cinnamon powder with chocolate shavings for decoration   poster   Method: 1. Put water, chocolate and cinnamon in a saucepan and heat until chocolate has melted. 2. Add milk and bring to a boil. Stir in the cointreau if desired. 3.Serve hot chocolate with whipped cream, cocoa powder, grated chocolate and a cinnamon stick. * I realized that after baking a few meringues, I still have some left.Make a cup interesting and serve as a dessert on its own by placing one on-top of the cream. double   DSC_3737b