Naomi Engelbrecht, our very own brand ambassador! 

Nicolette van Niekerk

This month, I have a story to share with you. One that lies close to my heart and Naomi is part of that. For those of you that know me well, know that I have a soft-spot for the skills development of woman. Especially those that are unemployed and unable to afford training. 

Naomi Engelbrecht

I contacted Radio Tygerberg to ask them to send me a student that would be in need of a Certificate in Cake Decorating.La Petite Patisserie always sponsor a student, at least twice a year.They sent me Naomi, who is already making a difference in Cape Town, by working in different areas in our community but what an inspiring lady this is! 

Naomi has been working at Radio Tygerberg station for the past 17 years as a Compliance officer and Company Secretary. She is also responsible for all the community projects the past 5 years. During this time, the station has been involved in numerous projects around Cape Town and especially with teenagers in the Delft area. 

Funny how life just turns out, and that the right people are sent on your path to assist with a life long dream of your own. I will now be working with Naomi every month on an upliftment program to up-skill woman in the cake decorating industry. Teaching them the basics of decorating a cake beautifully, and ultimately assisting them to also create their own businesses. 

She is married to Ashley, and has a beautiful 18 year old daughter Kesiah. We look forward to work with you and the community, building a better future for all of them.