Pain de Campagne {French Countrybread}

Nicolette van Niekerk
Pain de Campagne is a French country bread or better known as the sourdough of France and is a very traditional loaf. Made mainly from a combination of white flour and rye flour due to the fact that the rye flour ferments at a faster pace than that of wheat flour. Nowadays,this bread seems to be most popular in Europe, the UK and USA.

My particular recipe just calls for rye and white flour. I decided to do a spin on this traditional bread by adding some “out of the box” flavors. I wanted to use the Indian influence when it comes to flavour to switch up a simple yet delicious recipe. I’ve chosen to use poppy seeds,sesame seeds and cumin seeds in this recipe. The cumin flavour is so pungent that the aroma around the oven is mouth-watering.

Please give my recipe a try and prepare to have your taste buds “pat the dog” and “change the lightbulb.” This particular bread is served best with homemade garlic butter,sea salt,black pepper and cream cheese.

We have bread making classes at the academy.You may click on the link to view what we have to offer under the Certificate in Patisserie Studies.

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Pain De Campagne

Pain de Campagne – by Kayla Coraizin Photos by Nicolette van Niekerk   Baking time: 40 minutes Baking temperature: 200 degrees Celsius Yield: 1  Loaf   Ingredients: 350g Strong white bread flour 150g Rye flour 12g Salt 20g Yeast 70g Soft butter 300ml Water 50g Cumin seeds 30g Dried thyme 20g Poppy seeds 20g Sesame seeds   Method: 1. Place all ingredients in a bowl and mix together using your hands. 2. Make a well in the middle of the bowl and pour in about half of your water. Mix in the dry ingredients and the water together. Make another well and pour in remaining liquid and mix until all is combined. 3. Dust your surface with some rye flour and knead for 4 minutes.(A workable dough should be formed by now) 4.  Place the dough in a big bowl that is greased with olive oil and cling wrap it. Allow the dough to rise for an hour and a half. Proofed bread 5. Pre-heat oven and place dough once proved on a lightly dusted flour tray.Cut signature cuts onto the dough and bake for about 40 minutes at 200 degrees Celsius. 6. Remove from oven and a knock your bread (It should sound hollow inside). 7. Allow to cool.  
Baked Bread

Baked Bread

SERVING SUGGESTIONS: Place cream cheese, sea salt and black pepper on each slice and garnish with fresh thyme.