Peppermint Crisp Tart

Nicolette van Niekerk
I think I’ve always underestimated this tart, seeing that it was something that I remembered from my childhood as an easy and quick dessert. Usually only made for birthdays or late afternoon teas, when we really had no time to prepare anything else, or when guests were usually already on their way to our home with no time to spare… So, when my husband asked me to make this dessert for his birthday (yet again, for the third year in a row), I decided oh why not….and I was actually pleasantly surprised. Yes it’s easy to make, but try to make it in smaller ramekin bowls, replace the normal tennis biscuits with shortbread crumble, add a bit of Amarula Cream and voila, a little gem of a dessert comes to life. It’s rich and creamy, the liqueur is subtle and a hint of mint with the size of the portion is just right! DSC_1259b Peppermint Crisp Tart   Preparation time: 10 minutes Fridge resting time: 1 Hour Serves: 12 standard size ramekin bowls Ingredients: 1 Packet of Shortbread biscuits (I made my own but if you would like to buy, Bakers Eat-sum-more biscuits is lovely to use) 1 Tin (360g) Caramel Treat 25ml Amarula Liqueur 500ml Fresh Cream 400g Nestle Peppermint Crisp Chocolate   Method: 1. Crumble the shortbread biscuits into finer pieces and place them inside the ramekin bowls. 2. Whip the cream until stiff peaks form. 3. Place the caramel and liqueur in a separate bowl and mix until smooth. 4. Fold the caramel mixture into the cream until combined but be careful not to overwork it. Peppermint Crisp 5. Grate 200g of the chocolate into very fine shavings and add them into the cream mixture. Peppermint Crisp2 6. Spread a first layer of the filling onto the biscuits. 7. Crumble another 100g of the chocolate into finer pieces and layer them on top of the mixture. 8. Spread another layer of mixture over the chocolate and use the last 100g to add larger pieces of chocolate flakes over the final layer. 9. Place the bowls in the fridge and chill for 1 hour before serving.