Small Baked Cheesecakes

Nicolette van Niekerk
The smaller the cheesecake, the smaller the guilt that comes with it to eat it all by yourself.This recipe is more on the expensive side, but only the best ingredients is used and make it all worth it in the end I promise! Rather than baking them individually in cupcake size pans, go an extra size bigger in muffin / pudding size pans. They make quite an attractive little cake by doing it this way.   Small baked Cheesecakes   Baked Small Cheesecakes with fresh strawberries and lemon zest – by Nicolette van Niekerk   Preparation time: 15 minutes Baking time: 30minutes with 40 minutes resting time Serves: 10 Small Cheesecakes   For the crust: 250g Digestive Biscuits (Crushed into fine crumbs) 100-150g Pure unsalted butter 1. Crush all the biscuits into a fine crumb and pour melted butter over them. 2. Ensure that the mixture will be firm enough to pack inside the baking tray moulds and keep it’s shape. 3. Pack the crumbs into the moulds and press down with your fingers to form a crust of about 1 cm thick.   For the Filling: Ingredients 250 g Crème fraîche 250g Cream Cheese 250g Plain Greek Yogurt 100ml Fresh Cream 250g Caster sugar Zest of 1 lemon 4 Eggs 10ml Vanilla Essence Fresh Strawberries Method: 1.Preheat the oven to 150℃ and grease the baking moulds with butter or spray with spray and cook. 2. In a bowl, combine the Crème fraîche, Cream cheese, yogurt and cream together and mix well. 3. Add the sugar one tablespoon at a time until a stiffer consistency is reached. 4. Add the lemon zest and mix well. 5. Add each egg to the cheese mixture separately and beat until a foamy mixture appears. 6. Lastly, add the vanilla essence and stir well. 7. Pour the cheese mixture into the baking moulds onto the crust.Fill till almost full.(The cheesecakes won’t rise much and will loose it’s height towards the cooling period in the oven). 8. Bake for 30 minutes and turn off the oven, leaving the baking tray in the oven to rest for 40minutes. 9. Take them out of the moulds and place them in the fridge to rest until the next morning.By allowing them to rest, they will develop a rich taste and better aroma. 10. Decorate by placing a few cut strawberries and some lemon zest on top of the cake.Serve a dollop of fresh whipped cream. DSC_0476