The ultimate "Dad-sandwich"

Nicolette van Niekerk
It’s Fathers day tomorrow, and with my three-year old in the kitchen, we planned this ultimate “man- or dad-sandwich” for my husband. I obviously had to get my husband’s thought on this as well, as I am a typical woman when it comes to making sandwiches. I want to make them tasty but healthy too. I love my vegetables and salads, so trying to move away from this stigma was hard. This is what I came up with for him. A sundried – tomato and chilli bread filled with pastrami, fried fennel, mushrooms, peppers, pineapple, mascarpone cheese and topped with a garlic and fennel mayonnaise. Phew, this sandwich was as big as that description sounded. Pastrami, mascarpone and fennel sandwich   Fennel Preparing the sandwich Pastrami layers Slices of the sandwich with sweet potato chips   The ultimate “Dad-sandwich”  Preparation time:30 minutes Eating time: quick quick Serves: One man with a big appetite!   Ingredients Medium Ciabatta loaf 15ml Olive oil 1 Fennel bulb with leaves 4 Black mushrooms 3 Slices Pineapple, cored 1/2 Red Pepper, thinly sliced 60ml Mayonnaise 1/2 tsp Crushed Garlic Fresh baby spinach leaves 100g Pastrami, thinly sliced 3 tbsp Soft Mascarpone Cheese ( I bought a pecan and fig variation from Woolworths) 1 Red salad onion, sliced thinly Micro Crimson leaves to decorate   Method:  1. Cut a ciabatta loaf in half. I bought a loaf that has chilli, garlic and sun-dried tomato in already. 2. In a pan with olive oil. Fry the fennel bulb, that was thinly sliced, mushrooms, pineapple and red pepper. Not for too long as they will go soft. 3. Make a sauce by mixing the mayonnaise, garlic and the chopped fennel leaves together. 4. On the loaf, cover the base with spinach leaves and the sauce. 5. Pack a first layer of pastrami slices onto the loaf. Add the fried mushrooms, pineapple, pepper and fennel to the meat. 6. Spoon mascarpone cheese onto the pastrami layer. 7. Sprinkle thinly sliced onions and micro leaves on top, and add another layer of pastrami. 8. Season with ground black pepper and salt. 9. Drizzle the last of the mayonnaise onto the other half of the loaf before closing it. I presented the plate with sweet potato chips.