Nicolette van Niekerk
As soon as I got home from the shops today, having bought a packet of Finger Biscuits (Lady Fingers) for my baby, I realised it was broken in small pieces. All of it!Contemplating with what to do with them, the thought of this Italian dessert came to me.Tiramisu. Usually it takes me a while to research recipes, deciding upon the most user friendly or adjusting recipes so that it’s easy enough to make. Today I made it within 15 minutes, with no resting time in the fridge whatsoever. I knew the basics from making this very traditional recipe. Finger biscuits, espresso, Frangelico and Mascarpone Cheese and everything should be in layers….lots of it. I had a deadline though, the family was waiting. So creating a recipe with what I had in the fridge and pantry worked just as well and then realised I should not underestimate my ingredients at all. Bittersweet, chocolate and creamy cheese pure indulgence! You are welcome to write this recipe down and make it yourself! frontpage tiramisu Tiramisu – by Nicolette van Niekerk Preparation time: 15 minutes Fridge resting time: 1 Hour to chill but can be served immediately should you want to Servings: 6 portions Ingredients: 150ml Hot Water 30ml Strong Coffee (granules) 30ml Frangelico or Cherry or Cream liqueur 200g Finger Biscuits 460g Mascarpone Cheese (Use Cream cheese as substitute) 150ml Fresh Cream 30ml Caster sugar Cocoa powder for dusting Edible flowers for decoration   Method:
  1. Unpack all the ladyfingers into a dish
  2. Combine the hot (not boiling) water, coffee granules and Frangelico together.
Untitled-13. Pour the mixture over the biscuits and allow them to soak up the liquid. 4. Mix the Mascarpone cheese and cream in a bowl with an electrical beater until smooth. 5. Mix in the castor sugar into the cheese mixture until dissolved. 6. I used individual glass bowls, but the recipe is traditionally made in a glass bowl so that the layers of it is visible. Start with the biscuits. Layer them on the bottom of the bowl. Untitled-27. Scoop in enough mixture to make a next layer of cheese mixture. 8. Repeat the process of biscuits, cheese, biscuits and then finishing off with cheese mixture on top. 9. Place the dessert in the fridge to cool for at least 1 hour. 10. Lastly, dust a little bit of cocoa powder over the dessert and garnish with edible small flowers. 11. Serve with coffee after dinner. Tiramisu