Baking a range of Speciality Cakes

We’ve seen quite a new trend lately when it comes to cake decorating. There was a noticeable change in dressing a cake. From buttercream effects making a comeback, to creating fresh new flower bouquets for cakes. We also enjoyed seeing new ideas shared such as “open undressed” and ganache cakes.
This would surely make a difference in how we would be preparing celebration cakes in the future. Below, we have created a new course, making a range of lovely cakes that will be presented over 10 classes. The course layout is as follows:

Course Name: Baking a range of Speciality Cakes
Course code: BAK002
Cost: R5500.00
9 -20 July 2018 (Registrations open) 
Duration: 54 Hours

BAK1 : Baking principles and Fundamentals theory + cake classifications and recipe writing
BAK2: Wedding Cakes (Fruit Cake + Carrot Cake)
BAK3: Sponge Layered Cakes ( Victorian Chocolate Sponge + Vanilla Genoise Cake)
BAK4: Dessert Cakes ( Apple Crumble Cake + Banana Cups)
BAK5: Cheesecakes ( Classic Fridge Cake + Mini Baked Cheesecakes)
BAK6: Classic Cakes ( Chiffon Cake + Angel Cake)
BAK7: Shaped Cakes ( Swiss Roll + Bundt Marbled Cake)
BAK8: Glazed / Syrup Cakes 
 Included in the course:  Printed Training Manual, recipes, ingredients and templates 1 Steel Large Nozzle and Spatula.