Certificate in Bread Baking

With our certificate in bread baking, we make an introduction to the fundamentals required to successfully bake a wide variety of artisanal breads. We pay a brisk visit on some history, discovering more about the development of bread baking, the impact that bread and baking has made on the world. We also delve into some fundamental theory and teach about the chemistry behind the processes involved with baking your favourite bread. Join this course to acquire the in depth knowledge required to make a simple starter dough. We teach, by means of practical immersion, how make and bake a range of specialist doughs used to bake exotic breads like the Italian Ciabatta, French Brioches, French Baguettes and even make gluten free pizza bases. This course even covers how to start growing your own sourdough cultures from basic ingredients. This course is all about successfully baking bread and the theory entailed with the process of kneading, proving and baking. Become a successful and profit making baker and gain the experience to bake nearly any bread that you might find around the world with this certificate program. This course is not only intended for professionals, we also invite anyone else that wants to learn to bake for recreational reasons, for family and friends, and is a great compliment to aspiring chefs and bakers that are currently studying in a culinary direction. This course is also available within our National Skills Programme course, Certificate in Patisserie Studies.

Course Modules

Theoretical sessions

  • The history of bread
  • Starting from scratch
  • Ingredients and their properties
  • How bread has changed
  • The processes of bread making
  • Phases in kneading and dough development
  • Simple sourdough
  • Bread making chemistry
  • How gluten-free has changed our lives
  • Basic recipes

Practical Sessions

  • Simple sourdough starter, making Brioche.
  • Apricot Brioche and Basic Wholemeal Bread.
  • Crispy Bread: Mixed seed rolls and French Baguettes.
  • Breads with fillings and/or toppings: Olive and Rosemary Focaccia and Potato and Rosemary Flatbread.
  • Batter Bread (No knead breads): Ciabatta and Banana Bread.
  • Shaped Breads: Swiss Braid and Basil Pesto Couronne.
  • Pain de Campagne, Cereal Rye Bread.
  • Making a gluten-free pizza. Orange, Lemon and Cherry Bread.

Course Dates

6 August – 21 August 2018 (Registrations Open) 

Course Detail

Duration: 72 Hours (10 Lessons) Class times: 9:00 – 15:00 weekdays Cost: R3900.00