Certificate in Master Cake Decorating

Available as a Full Time or Part Time Course.

The core objective of this course is to equip and teach students, entrepreneurs and small business owners alike, the skills required to improve on their existing or non-existing cake baking and decorating skills. We want our students to be able to deliver better quality products to their customers, with outstanding creative design work. Come and discover the latest techniques used to create amazing decorative designs. Have fun, baking by discovering, and practice techniques that will make your ideas bloom with sugar flowers and fascinate with intricate piping work.

This in depth course covers theoretical fundamentals and the science behind baking. Students are immersed in practical hands on exercises, to learn to successfully bake and decorate a cake. Take a journey with us to learn the latest methods in cake decorating, including piping techniques developed by Joseph Lambeth, the making of realistic looking sugar flowers, working with chocolate, painting on cakes and more. This course also includes an introductory food services management module, to help with more efficient management of your small business, food costing calculations and marketing basics.

This course starts off at a beginner level, and no extensive experience is required. This course is aimed at both professionals, and everyday recreational bakers, that simply want to enhance their skill set. In this course we work our way up to a more advanced level with theoretical classes as well as loads of practical sessions to refine your skills in the art of cake baking and decorating.

Course Modules

Beginners Level

  • MCD1: Baking Principles and Fundamentals

Before learning to decorate a cake, the first step in successfully producing a beautiful and tasty cake is learning to bake one! This training module is designed to teach students in all the basics and very important baking principles and fundamentals that goes into baking successfully and correctly. A bit of food science and the chemistry on baking is discussed in detail.The first day will be spent on Theory alone ensuring enough knowledge of food is gained.On Day 2, a practical baking session is done  together with an observation sheet of Sensory factors as well as basic cake decorating to complete the cake. We will also show the basics of Buttercream decorating and few different techniques will be given.

  • MCD2: Beginners Course in Cake Decorating

This very popular and all-rounder course teach students all the basic Cake Decoration  Techniques and Methods to make just about any cake. This is a wonderful course to enrol for if you aspire to make for example wedding cakes professionally. Students will learn the required theory, which tools and equipment to use, a range of piping methods and techniques, the preparation and covering multi-tiered cakes. We also cover how to structure a multi-tiered cake, as well as making 4 different sugar flowers to round the cake off with. A designing and brainstorming session is also done on day one, helping and assisting delegates in planning the perfect cake, incorporating color schemes and technical difficulty. Students will be working on both real and dummy cakes, teaching them how to handle both scenarios and make a success out of both.

  • MCD3: Cookies Baking and Icing Class

Beautifully iced small cookies are probably one of the most attractive edible pieces of art that you can give your guests at weddings, baby showers or as gifts on Christmas. Each one are typically made by hand and very special to most people. Come and learn how to make them professionally with modules covering baking, icing, piping techniques and making basic sugar flowers.

  • MCD4: Beginners Chocolate Cake Decorating

Beginner students are welcome to join this very popular workshop on chocolate. We start right at the beginning with background on chocolate history and the making thereof. Students are taught the methods in chocolate preparation so that it can be used on cakes. We cover how to melt, temper and mould chocolate. Students will learn some other techniques like piping, painting rose leaves, making their own chocolate clay and sculpting their own roses. To round off the cake, and probably the most exciting part of it is to make their own collars or panels!

Intermediate Level

  • MCD5: Royal Icing Piping Methods and Techniques

Never really had the confidence to do some fancy piping onto a cake? We’re now hosting workshop that will teach you a range of methods and techniques to pipe beautifully on any cake. Everything is taught on the “Joseph Lambeth” methods and techniques so come and learn how easy piping can be, and come practice your hand, and boost your confidence in this fun session. Included with this course, a nozzle and tip set.

  • MCD6: Sugar Wired Flowers

We welcome all students that want to learn the art of making sugar flowers on wires. This skill is seen as more advanced from “pulled or cutted” flowers. This module will presented a day before MCD8: Roses and Pearls Cake class so that students will be able to make their own Sugar Wired Flowers for that class.

The following flowers will be made:

  • Open Peony
  • Rose
  • Moth Orchid
  • MCD7: Small Wedding Cakes and Cupcakes Decorating

The craft of piping and decorating small cakes and cupcakes are taught during this class and rounded off by decorating them in different kinds of paper and ribbon.

These cakes can be sold separately or together with bigger wedding cakes to clients and also serves as wonderful wedding favours.

  • MCD8: Roses and Pearls Wedding Cake Class

This module will be presented over two days, and will be covering more advanced techniques in sugar floristry. Two cakes will be filled and covered during these two days.

Wired Sugar flowers (MCD6) will be done on the day before, so students can make their own Roses, Hibiscus, Lilly and Open Peony.

Cakes will be finished off with a string fondant pearls and Royal Icing piped onto the cake.

  • MCD9: Food Service Management Business Class

The workshop is aimed at learners who have the need to gain knowledge on Business Management concepts and terminology. Showing enough skills afterwards to successfully start up their own small enterprise, market and price their own products and correctly calculate yields to a recipe as well as procure and control stock.

  • Introduction to the baking industry
  • Product planning
  • What influences the market?
  • Consumer surveys
  • Technical capabilities
  • Workspace planning and organizing
  • Price calculation and food cost
  • Availability of products and seasonal factors
  • Cost Control
  • Recipe calculations
  • Expenditures
  • Setting up a working budget
  • Food cost and VAT
  • Methods for pricing your product correctly
  • Procurement
  • Food and equipment supplies
  • Control over food inventory
  • Marketing
  • Trends and world influences
  • The digital world
  • Internet and other media resources
  • Photography
  • Registering your business
  • Tax and SARS regulations

Advanced Level

  • MCD10: Haute Couture Styled Cakes
  • MCD11: Joseph Lambeth Piping Method of Decorating
  • MCD12: Painting on Cakes

Included with the Course

  • Full time students receive an embroidered chefs jacket
  • A set of sugar moulding tools
  • A set of piping nozzles and piping bags
  • Training manuals for each module
  • Basic recipes booklet
  • Operational spreadsheet templates
  • All ingredients are included

Course Dates


  • 3 July – 28 July 2017 (Fully Booked)
  • 1 – 30 August 2017 (Registrations open)
  • 11 September – 10 October 2017 (Registrations open)
  • 31 October – 24 November 2017 (Registrations open)

PART TIME, SATURDAYS 09:00 – 15:00

  • 3 June – 2 September 2017 (Saturdays only) 9:00 – 15:00 (Registrations Open)

Pricing and Payment Terms

Full time, weekday classes: R9200.00.

Part time, Saturday classes: R10 900.00.

Option A: Deposit of 50% needed to secure your place.The rest is payable 7 days before the course commences.
Option B: Paying a once off fee (5 % discount).

Contact us now for a registration form and quote. Also note that we only take 8 students per classroom, so seats are limited.