Certificate in Master Cake Decorating

Objective: The core objective of this course is to equip and teach students, entrepreneurs and small business owners alike, the skills required to improve on their existing or non-existing cake decorating skills. We want our students to be able to deliver better quality products to their customers, with outstanding creative design work.

Practical: Students are immersed in practical hands on exercises, to learn to successfully decorate a cake. Take a journey with us to learn the latest methods in cake decorating, including piping techniques developed by Joseph Lambeth, the making of realistic looking sugar flowers, working with chocolate, painting on cakes and more.Come and discover the latest techniques used to create amazing decorative designs. Have fun, learning by discovering, and practice techniques that will make your ideas bloom with sugar flowers and fascinate with intricate piping work. 

Entrepreneurship: It also includes an introductory food services management module, to help with more efficient management of your small business, food costing calculations and marketing basics.

Level: This course starts off at a beginner level, and no extensive experience is required. This course is aimed at both professionals, and everyday recreational bakers, that simply want to enhance their skill set. During the course, we work our way up to a more advanced level with theoretical classes as well as loads of practical sessions to refine your skills in the art of cake decorating.

Course Dates

  • 23 August – 18 September 2018 (Registrations open) 

Pricing and Payment Terms

R10 900.00. Option A: Deposit of 50% needed to secure your place.The rest is payable 7 days before the course commences. Option B: Paying a once off fee (5 % discount). Contact us now for a registration form and quote. Also note that we only take 8 students per classroom, so seats are limited.

Course Modules

Beginners Level

  • MCD1: Beginners Course in Cake Decorating (12 Hours , 2 Days course)
  • MCD2: Cookies, cupcakes and small wedding cakes (6 Hours, 1 Day course)
  • MCD3: Figurines moulding class (6 Hours, 1 Day course)
  • MCD4: Beginners Chocolate Cake Decorating (6 Hours, 1 Day course)

Intermediate Level

  • MCD5: Royal Icing Piping Methods and Techniques (6 Hours, 1 Day course)
  • MCD6: Sugar Wired Flowers (12 Hours , 2 Days course)
  • MCD7: Textured Cakes (6 Hours , 1 Day course)
  • MCD8: Buttercream Flowers and icing methods (6 Hours , 1 Day course)
  • MCD9: Food Service Management Business Class (12 Hours , 2 Days course)

Advanced Level

  • MCD10: Haute Couture Styled Cakes (12 Hours , 2 Days course)
  • MCD11: Joseph Lambeth Piping Method of Decorating (12 Hours , 2 Days course)
  • MCD12: Painting on Cakes (6 Hours , 1 Day course)

Included in the Course

  • Full time students receive an embroidered chefs jacket
  • A set of sugar moulding tools
  • A set of piping nozzles and piping bags
  • Training manuals for each module
  • Basic recipes booklet
  • Operational spreadsheet templates
  • All ingredients are included as well as fresh cakes and dummies to practice on.