Skills Programme: Studies in Patisserie

Learn, Develop and Succeed.  Introducing our new Skills Program, a course in Baking and Decorating. An all-rounder course, which covers Bread making, Meringue-based Desserts and Cake Decorating. The Skills programme, written and developed by La Petite Patisserie, covers a variety a new and different products in the craft-baking environment.
  • Learn the foundations behind the scenes of baking with our food science theoretical practical studies.
  • Expand on this by developing your skills, ranging in Specialty Breads, Cake Decorating and Desserts etc.
  • Follow through and succeed in accomplishing your understanding of Food Service and Business Management with the addition of recipe writing, standardization and costing calculations.
Next intake: 15 January – 30 April 2018 (Registrations CLOSED)

Photo Credit: Debbie Lourens Photography

Skills Programme Information: Accreditation body: FoodBev SETA Level:   NQF3 (South African National Qualifications Framework)
Credits: 32 Duration: 320 Hours The skills program: 09SP00061300032/ Produce a range of flour confectionery and non – flour confectionery products Level 3 consists out of the Unit Standards explained below.
Unit Standard Title Unit Standard Level Credits
Produce a range of cakes in the craft baking Environment US/ID 123361 NQF 3 16 Credits
Produce a range of Speciality Breads in the Craft Baking Environment US/ID 123362 NQF 3 12 Credits
Produce a range of meringue Products in a Craft Baking Environment US/ID 123364 NQF 3 4 Credits
  The national hours apply to all students regarding the trading schedule, in accordance to the criteria of SETA’S National obligations:
Unit Standard Title Theoretical Hours Practical Hours Work Placement Hours
Cakes in the craft Baking Environment 40 Hours 60 Hours 60 Hours
Speciality Breads in Craft Baking Environment 40 Hours 60 Hours 20 Hours
Meringue Product in Craft Baking Environment 10 Hours 20 Hours 10 Hours
What you can expect from the Certificate accredited by SETA:
  • All training material has passed an evaluation by the relevant SETA category (FoodBEV SETA), to ensure it meets the relevant standards on the NQF (South African National Qualifications Framework).
  • All training will be aimed at equipping students with the required skills applied in the workplace as well as teaching the necessary entrepreneurial skills to open your own business.
  • The training material is aimed to meeting the skill requirements within the baking and hospitality industry sector.
  • How will this accredited Certificate be of benefit to you?
A student, who completes a SETA accredited course through a training provider (La Petite Patisserie), can earn the appropriate NQF credits.
  • NQF credits can count towards full qualifications that are recognized throughout South Africa. This is to your benefit, as employers in the industry often require employees to have formal qualifications.
  • Accreditation assures students that they will be receiving training that applies in the workplace and you will be equipped with skills that are sought after by employers within the baking industry sector.
How this course will benefit the passionate baker:
  • We go into depth of explanatory foundations required for becoming a professional baker.
  • We equip you with all knowledge required to start your own business and therefor run it successfully.
  • As a small intake for the Certificate, we focus on the personal development of our students.
  • Internship is implemented into the course to give our students the experience of working within the industry itself.
Application Process:
*Registration fee: R3000.00 [Incl. Certification, assessment fees, administration and uniform fees (1x Chef Jacket, 1 x Apron and a Chef’s cap)]
*Course fee: Contact for more details (Incl. All equipment supplied, ingredients, theoretical and practical classes as well as a Baking supplies kit which including: Rolling pin,  piping nozzles, sugar molding set, cake tester and pallet knife)
*Internship: Local Bakeries ( Cape Town) Application Requirements:
  • Please submit certified copies of the following documents:
    • Birth Certificate/Identity Document (Proof of application for new ID/Passport)
    • Certificates/Qualifications
  • Foreign Nationals
    • Study Permit
    • Passport
Admission Requirement: Minimum 17 Years of age /Grade 11 (preference given to Grade 12) English literacy is required to complete all practicals and assessments. Payment Requirements:  A 25% deposit is required in order to secure you’re booking with 2 remaining installments to be settled during the duration of the course please contact us with more information regarding this.
  1. Book by contacting us on or +27 727252289.
  2. Receive and fill in a registration form to apply. Sign the Terms and Conditions document.
  3. When accepted, get invoiced and pay over the deposit and registration fee to book your seat.
  4. Receive a student number as a confirmation of booking.
  5. A roster allocating all classes with their dates will be emailed to you closer to the starting date with a list of what is required of you to bring for each class 
2018 Course Intakes: Apply now for the 15 January – 16 May 2018 intake. Course duration: 4 Months/ 320 Hours on which the student will be placed to continue with an internship of 1 month.